Type of Visas

Malaysia tourist visa requirements are fairly easy to follow. Most nationalities are exempt from tourist visa (see more about Visa Requirement by Country). Rest can avail eVisa or visa waiver.

The Malaysia eVisa process is completely online and an electronic visa is issued. Both the eVisa and visa waiver is for short-term visits only. More and more countries are being added to the eVisa system, making the visa application process much easier and faster. (see more at eVisa Malaysia)

Single entry visa: A single entry visa allows you to stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 30 days. If you obtain a single entry visa, you are required to re-apply for a new visa each time you depart and re-enter Malaysia.

Multiple entry visa: A multiple entry visa allows you to stay in Malaysia for more than 30 days. You can depart and re-enter Malaysia numerous times if your journey is within the visa validity period.

eNTRI visa: The eNTRI visa is applicable for Chinese and Indian nationals only. You can stay in Malaysia for 15 days and this time is non-extendable.

Visa on Arrival: A visa on arrival is a permit to visit Malaysia, granted to you after you have arrived in Malaysia. It is applicable only if you have a valid tourist visa for Indonesia, Thailand or Singapore and are entering Malaysia through any of these countries.

Documents required

    • A passport valid for at least 6 months after entry into Malaysia, with at least three blank pages
    • The visa application form filled with correct details and duly signed
    • A confirmed return ticket to your home country
    • Proof of accommodation (Details of hotel bookings or proof of address where you intend to reside)
    • Two recent photographs 
    • Birth certificate (in case of a minor)
    • No Objection Certificate from both parents (in case the minor is travelling alone)

Eligibility Criteria

To enter Malaysia you must fulfill certain conditions. These are:

You must possess a passport. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after you enter into Malaysia. In special cases, the Malaysian government grants you permission to submit a document in lieu of a passport. You can apply for this document at any Malaysian consulate abroad.

You must have a valid visa on you. A visa is a document granting you express permission to enter and stay in Malaysia. Nonetheless, the immigration counter at the entry point has the absolute authority to decide whether or not you can enter Malaysia. On certain conditions, a visa on arrival is also granted to citizens entering Malaysia from Indonesia, Thailand or Singapore.

There must be sufficient funds on you when you arrive in Malaysia, this is to prove you can maintain yourself and any dependant with you in Malaysia. You must also possess a valid return ticket to your home country.

The Malaysian government has guidelines in place prohibiting the entry of specific individuals in the country. They include convicts, illegal immigrants, contagious persons, individuals with no means of sustenance etc.

You must complete an arrival/departure card when you enter and leave Malaysia. It is necessary to submit this card along with the passport and visa at the immigration counter.


Airport Transport

Your hotel may have shuttle service on request, so please check with the hotel prior to arrival.


Bintulu has one of the most efficient bus transportation systems in Sarawak, which is served by Jepak Transportation Sdn. Bhd. The bus goes to other minor parts of the town to as far as Sg. Asap and Tatau/Kuala Tatau. Municipal bus can be found one stop at the Pasar Tamu Bus Terminal.
Normally, only rural people and low-income group urban and suburban people use the bus. So if you are a first-time traveler to Bintulu, be prepared to speak in a simple Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Iban or Bahasa Melayu-Sarawak language. English is not a commonly used language by bus travellers here.


Taxis in Malaysia have as of late seen conflict with the advent of Phone booking cars (Grab). Two major types of taxis carry passengers; the red and the blue. The red taxis are much cheaper than the blue, approximately half the cost. There are benefits to taking taxis over Grab, but similarly, there are drawbacks. Taxis mostly charge flat fares for rides, and do not have meters, in Sarawak. However, there are exceptions. As such, taxis have received complaints for overcharging for distances (significantly). Caution must always be taken hence to know the approximate fare for the ride. More so, always have the approximate money in hand and away from an open wallet, when traveling. And have the wallet safely tucked away. It is also strategic to photograph the taxi license plate prior to entering, and possibly WhatsApp it to a friend.


Uber is no longer available in Sarawak, but has been replaced by Grab. Grab is a similar company, for which you download the App on your phone, and book. Grab is very safe, and professional, and much cheaper than conventional taxis. Look for the Grab App to download on your phone. Beware that there may be restrictions on Grab picking people up from the airport, as laws have now been implemented to effect restrictions on Uber, so to safeguard taxis.